Autobiographies of the polychrests
Dr. Amjad Khan
  • ISBN : 9788174672339
  • year : 2008
  • language : English
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This book represents the polychrests remedies under many headings, so that one can use it through different approaches. The peculiar feature of this book is that the remedies were represented as if a person is telling about his forms and features. The most prominent and new heading of the given remedies is ‘ABOUT ME’, under which a remedy is telling about itself, like a person is telling about himself. This feature is most interesting and for easy constitutional approach towards a patient and for Homoeopathic PSYCHIATRY. Heading ‘MY AILMENTS FROM’ represents the prominent and different causes for complaining. Heading ‘MYSELF IN DISEASE’ represents the key-note and complete symptom feature of a remedy so that one can find a correct similimum merely by listening prominent and local symptom of the patient. Heading ‘MY SENSATIONS AS IF’ represents the subjective symptoms felt by the patient in mind and different organs and is the Privilege of Homoeopathy. The rubrics from synthesis repertory are also covered, under which only single remedy in first grade has been given. Another heading which is special is ‘TEMPERAMENTS, DISPOSITIONS, CONSTITUTIONS AND STATES’ which could be very helpful in fast reaching towards similimum. Some more headings are also there like ‘RED LINE SYMPTOMS’, ‘TIME MODALITIES’, and ‘SPECIAL FEATURES’ which are very helpful and peculiar in themselves for the fast and accurate selection of the correct Homoeopathic remedy.