Antioxidants: The Miraculous Healers
Nisreen Husain and Touseef Hussain Trak
  • ISBN : 9788184356137
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book, ‘Antioxidants - The Miraculous Healers’, is a way to say ‘hello’ to the world, mechanisms and sources of antioxidants. An elementary review about free radicals, their harmful effects, oxidative stress and pathogenicity in the initial chapters, gives a better understanding about the importance, role and health benefits of antioxidants. The details about active constituents of antioxidant defense system, their classification and assay methods is a helpful tool for those who are pursuing research. The brief idea about the dietary choice, antioxidant rich plants, and the supplements add more to the knowledge about antioxidants. The facts, risks and special considerations about consuming antioxidants provides enough awareness. The images of antioxidant high food, fruits, herbs etc, are the appealing aspects of the book. The pool of references is a strong source of information for the readers. Comprehensive and user-friendly, the book, ‘Antioxidants-The Miraculous Healers’ is a peer into the wonder-world of antioxidants, which gives a glimpse about the miraculous roles of antioxidants as health boosters and healers.