A Handbook on Media Education: A Compilation of Resources and Training Mannual for Teachers and Students
Shinto Kanamkombil
  • ISBN : 9788184354317
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Media Education uses the latest methods in creativity training and combines these with practical expressive arts and media work. This is to engage people in developing and presenting new ideas in a positive, fun and challenging way. This will bring the students to know more about the inner reality of the world to media world and how media is taking care of its social need by priority. The true understanding about the media will help the students and teachers to take a correct decision when they approach media. The activity based learning will help the students retain a critical thinking in media activism. Realizing the social attitude and commitment of each medium will help the reader to get a clear understanding of news in its totality. The processes motivate participants and encourage a positive involvement in Individual development as well as development for the improvement of the society.